Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Organized

It’s killing me that I can’t get back into my classroom until August 25th. You’d think that this would FORCE me to enjoy the remainder of the summer… but it doesn’t.

After 4 blissful years of teaching in the same room, which happened to be one of the LARGEST rooms in the school, I’ve been moved down the hall two rooms. ::sigh:: I know- I know- I’m very lucky to even have a classroom.

When I was allowed back in, this is what I walked into…



Within the few days they actually let us in, I managed to accomplish this:


So there’s been SOME progress!

One of my favorite things I made was some super cute labels for my containers of materials.


Click on the picture below to print out your own copy. Hopefully they’re helpful!


I created them in Word, printed them, cut them out, pasted them onto super cute scrapbook papers and slipped them into plastic sleeves. I absolutely LOVE DJ Inkers graphics!

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